Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I am so disappointed in you.  This is no way to start off a proper slave relationship.  You haven't contacted me by email yet, and you are missing out on what all the others have.  Shame on you.  Send me a note to my email so we can get started.  Do it now.  It only takes a second.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Not only am I your Goddess and master, I am an attention whore.  If you don't give me enough attention I will cast you aside like the pathetic fucking looser you are.  You don't want that now do you?  I didn't think so.  You need to email me AT LEAST daily, if not multiple times per day.  The more attention and money you give me the more often I will give you what you want and respond to your miserable little messages.

You must worship me and ONLY me.  There is not any room for other little sluts in our relationship. (if you are lucky enough to get my approval)

In return for your devotion and submissiveness to my every desire I might, on occasion send you pictures of my delicious tits and fat ass.  I will even let you call me on occasion  (Of course you will have to pay for it.) if you make me happy and are in my favor.  

There are many men who worship me, do you want to be one of them?  Of course you do.  Without me you are nothing.  Without my approval you are nonexistent.  You are going to have to fight and claw your way to the top to be my number one.

Show me how much you want it

Level of Devotion
Leave me a message

absolutely NO refunds of any kind or any denomination! You pay this money of your own free will for entertainment purposes


A couple things that are required of you.  You  MUST comment on my blog.  

The more comments I see from you the more I will know you are truly devoted to me.  Your master and goddess.  

Every post you read you shall have to leave me some sort of response.

Next you will have to answer a few questions for me
Don't be a whiny ass pussy about it!   You want my attention?  Then you will do what you are told.  
Do you understand?  GOOD!

Cut and paste this into an email and send it to me.

Real Name:

Preferred Name:



Sexual Preference:



Body Type:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:




If So What Kind?:

Do You Drive?:

Are You Employed?:





Why Are you Applying?:

Tell Me Your Best Qualities:


Darkest Desire?:

Are You Truly Submissive?:

What is the Extent of What You Would Do For Me?:

Weirdest Sexual Thing You Have Ever Done?:

Something You Absolutely Will Not Do:

What Are Your Top 5 Fetishes?:

Do You Own Any Fetish Equipment?:

What Are You Applying For?:
1- Student (Wants to Learn the Life Style)
2- Experimental Submissive (Just Playing Around)
3- A Session Submissive (An Every once in a While Thing)
4- A Relationship Submissive (On a Regular Basis)
5- A Slave To Her Master (100% Devotion)

Please fill out this entire form in detail with dedicated, lengthy answers and email it to  MY EMAIL

absolutely NO refunds of any kind or any denomination!

Level of Devotion
Leave me a message
You pay this money of your own free will for entertainment purposes


I am a BBW Goddess, a queen, a princess, and most importantly I am the ruler over you. I want your money and you are going to give it to me. I know you don't think you're worth it, and you probably aren't, but we can test you and see if you pass. If you do I will let you give me even more. I have rent to pay after all, and my nails need to be done. I'm a big girl with a big need for your money. I'm not going to wait forever looser get busy and send me your money so I can start spending it. I might even help you get off if you are worthy. But you have a lot to prove to this Dom girl before that will happen. 
 See that picture?  That is what you will give me.  I need you to earn your keep around here.  I will give you jobs and tasks to do for me and then you will give me your money.  

Why?  Because you want to.  You know you have nothing more important to spend your money on than me.  If you want my attention you will do as you are told.

Send me an email and I will decide if you are worthy enough to try to please me. 

Level of Devotion
Leave me a message
absolutely NO refunds of any kind or any denomination! You pay this money of your own free will for entertainment purposes.